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Meet our wonderful team who will be assisting with your visit!

  • Brianna Adame
    Dental Assistant

    Brianna Adame attended Weatherford Community College to receive her Registered Dental Assistant’s license. She’s been an RDA for 4 years and really enjoys her career.  Brianna says she especially loves working with Dr. Throne because of the amount of care, attention, and respect Dr. Throne shows for her patients going above and beyond other dentists to make sure that patients are fully knowledgeable about their conditions which empowers them to make informed health care decisions.

    “What makes us different from other offices that I’ve worked for in the past is that we actually look for the main root cause of a dental or health problem. This results in a proper diagnosis, and then, together with the patient, we formulate a plan to fix the root cause of an issue rather than merely treating a symptom.  In other words, we attempt to find the ’why’ behind issues like gum disease, tooth decay, sleep apnea, facial pain, craniofacial dystrophy, migraines, snoring, and broken teeth. I find this approach so much more gratifying and refreshing, and its even appreciated more by our patient family who deserves the absolute highest quality of care available.”

    Brianna especially loves that Dr. Throne has a fresh and holistic approach to treating conditions that other dentists aren’t even aware of which brings diversity to the work day.  She loves being a part of a practice that is committed to ongoing education and state-of-the-art technologies that lead to innovative and preventive full body health solutions. “There’s nothing quite like listening to patients’ concerns and, after thoroughly gathering data, connecting for them the existing health conditions and challenges they are living with that were seemingly unrelated.”
    In her free time Brianna loves spending time with her husband of two years. They are, in fact, expecting their first child later this year and cannot be happier to welcome their bundle of joy.  Since her employment began, Brianna has received lots of baby practice while assisting Dr. Throne with newborn laser frenectomy surgeries and helping to support struggling moms with their breastfeeding journies.  She is poised and ready for all that motherhood will bring her way.

  • Zactly
    Office Mascot

    The Story of Zactly - Anyone who has been to the office realizes that the roadway at our front curb inside the parking lot is like a raceway proving to be very dangerous to all who come and go from our business.  When Dr. Throne's lobbies to the property management company years ago for speed bumps failed, she decided to purchase a reminder and deterrent in the form of this little green crossing guard she found at Sam's Club. 

    Our little green man stood for months and months proudly cautioning drivers and pedestrians to be careful, watch, and slow down.  One Friday we were busy working away and our hygienist at the time, Theresa, noticed in her peripheral vision, that a truck had pulled up very close next to our little guy and stopped. As she turned to look, she saw a guy reach out and grab our little man and throw him into the bed of his truck and drive off.  She squealed and we all jumped and ran, but it was too late.... he was gone forever.  This hit us kind of hard as he was a fun member of the team bringing us together over something silly.  We set out almost immediately to get him replaced.

    Early on he began taking part in our theme days, emails, Facebook live posts, etc.  This led to an online naming contest focusing on dental terminology which got no patient participation.  About the same time, a funny video went viral involving Steve Harvey and the topic of flossing, and Zactly's name was found (watch the link).

    Over the years as we have included Zactly in all of our staff events, he has grown to be a treasured, all be it silly, member of our fun team.  Aside from Dr. Throne, he is now our longest standing team member LOL. Rain or shine the community will find him at his post to greet all that venture by reminding everyone to stay safe.

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